Soulful-Cafe feat. Monday Midnite

Monday Midnite is a highly talented artist/lyricist/composer who was hugely successful as the lyricist, voice and front-man of the world famous dance music project TECHNOTRONIC with hits such as “LIKE THIS” and “THE G TRAIN

He also had a monster hit in the Benelux as the voice and lyricist of the phenomenon Jumper Music track called “RUMBLE”
From SWEET COFFEE to DJ GENE POLE to DI  LUCCI to SEVEN ELEVEN and many more, Monday Midnite has collaborated on several outstanding projects.
For his current and future solo projects, he has teamed up with Ted Peters from Soulful-Cafe, to produce a new album :

HOUSE VOCALS XPLOSION 1 is the debut album born out of a unique musical collaboration between ace producer, TED PETERS, and a dynamic artist, MONDAY MIDNITE (the former lyricist and front-man of the world famous dance music act, TECHNOTRONIC) for the musical project: SOULFUL-CAFE Feat. MONDAY MIDNITE.
It is an 11-track strong masterpiece destined to rip through the dance music industry like a hot knife through butter. And the reverberation effect will be felt for many years to come.
From the pumping and pulsating beat of “PARTY UP” to the driving and funky-fied groove of “SHAKE YA BAM BAM” to the dance floor filler of a killer jam called “MY NAME IS HOUSE MUSIC” to the simplistic go-happy-feel-good vibe of “IT IS ALRIGHT,” Monday Midnite and Ted Peters exquisitely captured the veritable essence of foot-stomping, body-popping, and yet heartwarming dance music with this rarity of an explosive album.
The album’s bar of deserved respectability gets elevated much higher upon listening to the authentic, inspiring and consciousness-arousing lyrical contents of “JUMP ON THE TRAIN OF LOVE” (which encourages humanity to make a U-Turn from the destructive path of shooting and fighting and hop aboard the train of love and unity), and the straight-up-in your face/no-holds-barred message of caution directed at the powers that be across the world…which was boldly and ferociously delivered on the smooth sailing beat of “NO MORE.”
Commercial-wise, just about all the above mentioned tracks possesses high potential, but one particular song in the album undoubtedly takes the cake. The said song is captioned “LOST IN THE MUSIC.” The beautifully orchestrated chord structure of the musical arrangement, coupled with the passionate, touching and extremely radio friendly tonality of the vocal delivery, makes LOST IN THE MUSIC an instant commercial stand-out in the album. It reminded me of the indisputable fact that at one or several points in time in everyone’s life, we’ve all experienced the awesome sensation and out of body experience of being LOST IN THE MUSIC.
It’s pleasantly safe to say that one would be hard-pressed to find any un-like-able track on “HOUSE VOCALS XPLOSION 1” which also features tracks like LIFT UP YOUR HANDS, I GOT THE DRIVE, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE and SOULFUL-CAFE FAMILY.
Folks, HOUSE VOCALS XPLOSION 1 is definitely a must add to your musical collection.